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The DCBR has been derailed by occult government principled on repatriation. Complexity aside, the mechanism for this transformation is elected officials whose primary interest has been the UK/Corporate rewards offered to them to proxy their signature to legislation which circumvents the Bill of Rights and Constitution in the interest of repatriation.  In other words, our elected officials have sold us out.

While people may have an opinion about how this happened and what aught to be done to correct it, it’s come down to a few constants that if the public does not soon recognize these they are going to be revisited by occupation that was largely held off by a comparatively small group of people whose determination was mammoth in comparison to today’s slacker breed.

The founders warned us about the NSC, just at that time it was known as the Vatican. The Vatican is a corporation, and it’s equivalent in the US is the Mormon church. It manifest fragmented (Mountain Meadows, Civil War, 13th Amendment, Atramental Lodge 23, Fed, CFR ANAI) but has accomplished the same purpose, which is occupation and control of US domestic and economic infrastructures AKA repatriation via corporatism. This is also a black mass entity, but more on that later.

People ask me, “How do you know this? What are your sources?” I have a library of sources. There is NO WAY to transfer this information in a mind meld, so it is immature for people to expect to have this proved to them on the spot. Come what may, what you need to know is virtually very European inspired domestic enterprise has issued on the Cult of Castores, including the Bible. People don’t like to hear this. I am going to say it again, INCLUDING THE B-I-B-L-E.

Rome’s emperors transformed Vatican, which means the Pope is the equivalent of a Roman emperor, just his status is preserved in a religious narrative instead of public policy, otherwise people would have ended this charade 1700 years ago. Rome learned to use mystification in lieu of policy to cause people to focus monotheistic. The monarchy is modeled on the Roman emperor as well in competition with the Vatican. The Church of England seceded form the Vatican 1530, about the same time the Freemasons organized. The Mormon church is a monarchy project and controls transnational gangs in Mexico and Central America.

I’ll try to Keep it simple. Virtually every insurgency campaign in the Middle East has been a Mormon/CIA led project collaborated with MI6 and Mossad, and the very same model has likewise been used to stage disruption in the US via transnationals who made their first appearance in the US crossing our southern borders in 2004. They’ve been armed by Arnold Schwarzenegger during his tenure as governor of California, and US administration has co-engineered their access to the southern states posturing diffident to border security. The idea here is while our gun rights are being severely curtailed, transnationals have been armed to the hilt, the US thus a sitting duck to an insurgency from the south which the White House is denying knowledge of.

Where do you draw the line? In case you haven’t noticed, the MSM has amped up it’s press to flood the internet with images of partially nude women to keep you preoccupied with sex bait, one of the UK’s three primary distractions of Western culture. The other two are money and drugs. this is the same stuff that’s bought off politicians, and it’s equally effective on their electorate. The apple and tree, as it were.

Regarding the Vatican, Catholics believe this emperor cum pope devil is God, and they worship him thus! Everything you know and believe about Christianity was invented by the council of Nicaea 325 AD. EVERYTHING, but you don’t believe this. You can’t believe it, even as they fade the bible from you, because you were taught that to challenge this was somehow sacrilegious and that you would be otherwise in league with Lucifer. Lucifer, too, is one of their creations. Gemini. God/Lucifer. Jesus/Judas. Fast forward to the Mormon church. Joseph Smith/Brigham Young. ALL FUCKING GEMINI. All a product of the cult of Castores.

Armageddon is a population thinning application. The reality here is we’re in over production and need to hold this off a little. They taught you that reproduction is your God given right. It’s the Council’s application of an NWO scheme of it’s day, the product of which is this future. They don’t like this future, so they are taking it back. They gave you your God, and they are taking THAT back, too. Get it? Make you mad? I’ve had people threaten to shoot me over this conversation. Dr. Kate STILL thinks I’m evil. My UK contacts distance themselves from me, but they otherwise have no explanation for Milly Dowler. I do. Jose Manual Boroso. Everyone in the UK knows this, and yet this monster is running loose Willy nilly taking virtually ANY child he takes a liking to.

People are all over the map with this issue, none coming to focus except on Nullification, States Rights and Secession, which is logical. Those are powerful constants, because they unify people, but they are no match for NORAD or NATO; the main ingredient missing from the recipe for restoration of the DCBR is a well regulated militia.

YOU DON’T HAVE A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, AMERICA, AND THE REASON FOR THIS IS YOU WERE CONNED OUT OF IT BY THE NRA IN CONNECTION WITH POSSE COMITATUS. These were engineered to diffuse militia. I know, complicated, but you are going to have to develop a desire to think and study more to understand this and how to make the DCBR work in the absence of legislative leadership, because congress is operating on a completely different system at this time.

Obama has no limitations. This is his second term, so there’s no pressure to caricature himself anything other then what he was four years ago, which is a petty tyrant. He knows this. This is his job. He’s doing what tyrants do, and he’s acknowledged this to the public that reelected him.


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