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What’s the point of another NRA? No militia, not worth the time or money.

Dudley Brown, Rand Paul… people asking for more money to fund a project that should have been in the notebooks of these folks when they were elected. This is what they were elected for in the first place. Today, they get to camp out at DC AND a paycheck, then you have to pay them again to do the work you already paid them for. People are stupid. We don’t have to pay for our 2nd amendment. We already own it.

We need well organized militia, but they aren’t giving us this for a reason. You can pay your monthly contribution to FRONTLINE DEFENDERS ($10-250 per month) which is the same as paying a fee to own firearms. TH-ATs what they are getting you ready for. Then they’ll slowly increase the fees to fade those that can’t afford it. Sound familiar? Elitism. Guns are a novelty for the elite. They don’t care what happens to this planet in the future, just so long as they have their toys.

They won’t organize militia, because that’s not so easy to take. Once you’ve been principled as a fighter you don’t need guns to fight. You do what you know how to do, although guns will no doubt be a part of this.

Also, what they are not telling you about militia is there is safety in numbers which regardless of how many Americans own firearms, they are useless against policy making where your numbers are likewise a party to liberalism. check the facts. Almost every politician in Congress owns a firearm for self-protection. They are liberal, the same ones that are covertly sponsoring FRONTLINE DEFENDERS.

Do you understand the rhetoric behind Rand Paul and Dudley Brown?

We need well organized militia, NOT another NRA. Americans are lofting, “GOTTA GUN! GOTTA GUN! GOTTA GUN!” For WHAT? Use it to protect yourself and see how fast you DON’T gotta gun. Good grief. Stupid American overtook the Ugly American decades ago.

The link is for Alex Jones (Ugly AND Stupid) to give him the correct orientation for his “RE-Revolution”. But forget that from the master of domestic macabre. He has more fun setting off radical Zionists. Planet of the Apes, baby!



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