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The Theatrical Origin of Neopolitics: an introduction to Shakespeare’s prototypical liberal via local US politics and mass media

Andrew Kehoe

Andrew Kehoe

Rhoda Penmark

Rhoda Penmark

KEHOE: politician, mass murderer, terrorist, child killer, wife killer, impatient, intolerant of the views of others, human sacrifice, animal torture and sacrifice, narcissist, emotionally explosive, unable to negotiate complex human emotions and punishing on his surroundings as a consequence ANAI

PENMARK: aspiring politician, elder abuse, child peer abuse, child peer murder, arson, human sacrifice, narcissist, emotionally detached, unable to negotiate complex human emotions and punishing on her surroundings as a consequence ANAI

Both were convincing liars and were able to persuade their audience through some of the most horrific crimes known to man and BOTH are ALSO the prototype for neopolitics and liberalism.

Now go and take a look at Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Deport Piers Morgan and other GCN Petitions

For those of you redirecting from a blog and interested in the petitions only, go directly to the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you may find the following passages of interest in expanding your knowledge about liberal politics.

I don’t ordinarily support GCN, but this is too important to hold down on grudge match between myself and this organization’s sometimes vague writers. I think as liberalism is coming full bloom, even people who thought they were untouchable by this malingering theatrical application of National Social Corporatism (NSC) are realizing how vulnerable they are to charm offensive, the double bind and propaganda directed at seducing you via shock and awe and trauma bonding.

While increasing numbers of people are showing an interest in defending the 2nd amendment from circumvention by team liberal, they are largely ignorant on the meaning of what well regulated militia is.

Well regulated refers to the handling of firearms in training and sustained practice which maintains skill in a firefight. It’s militarization. That’s it. With the exception of a colonial application of this which may sound a little different, this is the intent of one of three features of the 2nd Amendment. With this in mind, gun control not only attacks gun ownership, it likewise circumvents militia what impact on the Bill of Rights globally violates the constitution. The NRA isn’t telling you this for a reason, but the National Gun Organization is.

Regarding liberalism, this is an application of Shakespeare. Let me say this twice. Liberalism= Shakespeare drama.

Liberal philosophy is the theatrical practice of drama. It’s ethical presentation is Shakespeare, and the characters that are recruited to serve the myriad of it’s pseudo noble SSO enterprises are the moral-less scoundrels which populated Shakespeare’s plays.

Mull TH-AT over in your imagination for a while, and if after a week or so of nightmares this still has no impact on your thinking, you may be of the mind of some Gobbo, Alexas, Old Hamlet, Macbeth or any other one of a thousand more or multiple thereof what connection with reality will be a function of your ability and willingness to demystify. If you are inclined to liberalism, check out Shakespeare’s list of characters and see which one you identify with.  Then please see a shrink.

Liberal ideology does NOT recruit the brightest and the best. In fact, liberal politicians and their cronies are drafted on their sin nature, virtually every one of which is an advocate for BDSM/pedophilia via their debauchery pledge or their potential to undergo this process. They are also coerced via MK/Ultra and COINTELPRO.  You can acknowledge an understanding of this by signing the petition to route Master Shakespearean thespian and Tory practitioner, Piers Morgan.

Those of you who understand the consequence of a US insurrection led by foreign national know the importance of conveying this to others who – like yourself – possess both the need and desire to promote this petition in the mission to send a clear and resounding message to Barack Obama that we, as a nation, are of a unified state of mind to reject this proposition on it’s face, we WILL NOT go quietly into that good night and that pressing such in abeyance of the rule of law we are awakening ALSO as a nation to the need to SYG against tyranny, it’s coefficient liberal political agenda and predation that has found it’s way into US political infrastructure.

Please redouble your efforts to surpass the 25 thousand signatures required to deliver this message to the White House; Please also share this information with virtually everyone you know to reach a meaningful goal of 666 thousand signatures by January 20, 2013.

At the time of this writing, this petition has lofted 86 thousand signatures which is 45 thousand less that the state of Texas produced in it’s secession petition.  Morgan’s viewing audience is half a million, so I am sure you folks would like to present matched to numbers and beyond to make clear we are not only confirmed and in agreement on our constitutional status, but also that our own mission in these circumstances is self preservation against tyrannical government and it’s proxy nationals.

Gun control and confiscation will be followed by genocide. We know this. This has been the practice of tyrants down through the ages, modern examples of which are Hitler, Stalin and Mao.


Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki/Shady Hook Elementary School



Gun Control a Precursor to Genocide

When protectors become predators:

Team Obama Responds to the Eligibility Issue


P3M: the Institutional Sociopathy of Piers Morgan and Michael Moore

I was waiting for this.

The Piers Morgan and Michael Moore phenomenon= P3M sociopathy. This is a combination of affective narcissist/psychopath detachment, and the evidence for this is their sophism which contravenes human dignity and virtually ANY political system that regards people’s desire to be free of tyrannical leadership, or liberalism if you prefer.

What makes this work for them is their boyish simple minded posturing which correctly understood is actually predatory behavior involving charm offensive and the double bind what cumulative impact on those stupid enough to follow them is human sacrifice, particularly that of children.

An example of how this works is the state issues a matrix abduction cohort composed of a field aspect director, handler, asset and raptor, the latter usually a felon, to orchestrate an insurgency cell, an example of which was Allen Lanza.

Field aspect director through raptor, the cell engineers the project specific to the desired outcome, which in this case is the slaughter of children in a false flag domestic terrorism event that will be used to loft argument for suspension of the 2nd amendment, sociopaths like Morgan and Moore in the wings pressing this agenda into mainstream media against any rational understanding of how the event was designed to circumvent the DCBR.

One of the features of liberal legislation in the US is they commemorate such hokey policy making on human sacrifice, which in this case 22 children were given up to rationalize force of will so vehemently opposed to our constitutional republic they will spare nothing to force this transformation on the public, including killing your children right in front of you to coerce your capitulation.

THIS is the Piers Morgan and Michael Moore phenomenon. You read it. You understand it. You are a fool if you continue to allow these scum to invade your mind with their silly rhetoric. P3M isn’t a real diagnosis of a mental health issue. It’s an acronym for institutional sociopathy, the model of which is Piers (P) Morgan and Michael Moore (3M), but it serves the purpose of giving you view to a kill so horrific and conscienceless you should and aught to reconsider what actually happened in Newtown, Connecticut.

Ignore the sycophant NSC shill propaganda and make an intelligent and rational analysis of the event, which the latter will reveal first that December 14, 2012 was actually an occult Friday the 13th, this to have been opportunistic to shed a tear in the Twilight Zone of liberal policy making precipitated on a false flag domestic terrorism. Their confidence was your not perceiving this coming at you.

The second clue you will find to link this back to Morgan/Moore is Benghazi to Newtown is 94 days, also an occult 13.

August 31, 1888 to December 14, 2012, Occult 13, which is Atramental lodge 23.

Further on, Michael Moore and Piers Morgan are a 3DRAS 911, which this number is derived from their occult cipher, the Pythagorean ODC and is linked to XI-U.

Do you get it? There are over 25 occult signatures on Newtown, all by mistake and misunderstanding, or having allegedly been engineered by a individual having absolutely no knowledge about Atramental Lodge 23 and it’s link to the British monarchy via Whitechapel and the black mass.

If you actually saw Obama shed a tear in this event, you are in a state of pathological denial induced by the memorizing con of Moore and Morgan having bedded with your sensibilities on one of the oldest cons known to man, trust in an institutional process you now have a label for, P3M, or the Moore/Morgan effect if you prefer.

Let’s summarize how this works. Very simple. They target a bunch of children for occult rendition commemorative on one of their other projects, in this case Whitechapel, engineer this project on an occult calendar presenting in secrecy and treachery, develop the insurgency cell resourced by one of their three city states, in this case DC, since this involves Atramental Lodge 23, follow through on the target, loft media a blitz via sociopath rhetoric which contravenes reality and press this into your mind on the fakery of a charismatic administrator whose own hand in this alienated his secretary of state.


Government Calling for Gun Control with Fake Social Media Accounts?

US Government – Persona Non Grata

Gun Control Anti Venom


The Road to WW III

Michael Moore Debauchery


The Newtown Emergency Tactical Response Team, NOT!

newtownThese buggers are embarrassing, but here they come anyway!  Gonna take down the bad guy – an autistic young man got his hand on a gun – because they’re trained, authorized and mobilized ANAI. Well…

Three columns, lined up short to tall, and absolutely no clue what going on at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  What were they going to do?  Good God, half of them look like they spend their day eating McDonald’s Hap-pee meals.  Gonna waddle up and round up the bad guy, something like that.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

$100K in personnel, $50K in tactical resources and news and a day’s loss of operating costs to the district estimated at $50K and a bunch of highly specialized weapons experts armed to the hilt looking completely bewildered – AFTER the fact – proves gun control doesn’t work; all neatly groomed, boot polished, badge buttoned and bulletproof vested, and too late!  And worse still, people are already asking for more gun control. It didn’t work here. Why magnify this macabre? 

Easily $200K to staff a response team, and Newtown STILL lost 20 children with these self admiring narcissists in the wings wrinkle free proud and ready to serve up propaganda’s need to make it APPEAR as though posturing cop is state of art something if being one is meaningless.

The OTHER way this could have worked is if the teacher had been armed.  The difference in costs alone would have been a savings of at least $175K, and the children would still be alive.  Gun control set this school up for slaughter.  These sociopaths aren’t helping out.  They’re celebrating… THEMSELVES!

By the time this is over, all totaled this event will have cost taxpayers well over 20 million dollars to close book on an issue that could have been averted with a $500 hand gun.

The OTHER way to interpret this is denial of reality, shed a fake tear and pretend this wasn’t false flag domestic terrorism.  Reality falls flat on it’s face.  Charisma and charm picks it up and runs with it, and America holds a candlelight prayer vigil asking for help from Jesus who the Pope just denied ever existed. People have been taught it’s wrong to save yourself, that gun control works, even when it’s just been proven to you that it not only doesn’t work, it celebrates this delusional state of mind by slaughtering children.

What is your problem, America?  Big liberal sophists like Piers Morgan and Michael Moore got a line on your heart, or your gullibility?  You like the boyish fat guy because you feel sorry for him?  Piers Morgan’s satanic drivel got you charmed into eating your own children?  Answer to the latter two questions is yes.  Do you care?  Not enough to think for yourself, yet. You have O-blam-blam-blama to do that for you, and he’s sooo nice! He’s pricy nice. He just took your children and you’re flocking to him for protection, which is what I call P3M insanity and madness.

The good people of Newtown are stupid, albeit blissfully so.  They had gun control and lost 20 children, and now they’re going to go out and ask for more gun control.  It doesn’t get any easier then this for the liberals who have stated vehemently that the Bill of Rights is a terrorist manifesto. According to who? People that can’t control themselves. I today’s America you’re “troubled” if you’re a predator and completely psychotic if the try to defend yourself against same, IF you’re a liberal.

In this case, failure to correctly understand the problem is trading willful pathological ignorance for the lives of children, consciousless behavior deeply embedded in the psyche of a generation lost to the debauchery of self-aggrandizement and institution of occult rendition acculturated via false flag domestic terrorism.

Has it dawned on anyone yet that people that want your guns may want to kill you? Yes? No? Maybe? Another candlelight prayer vigil? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?