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Impeach Obamaphone!

States are reaching unemployment rates of up to 22%. Obama is outsourcing jobs and giving away free cell phone service to the homeless in New York and California. People who voted for Obama are facing a reduction in hours to compensate Healthcare Reform’s impact on their employer’s fiscal budgets, and 1 million people fell to poverty in November 2012.

Obama is starting wars without congressional approval, circumventing DCBR protocol on domestic and economic issues what administrative fiat is collapsing same, and he’s been proven a fraud in documentation of his eligibility to serve as president.

What is it that people DO NOT understand about this administrator that they are unwilling to pour everything they have into his impeachment? When you have this type of crime and people holding midnight prayer vigils for their salvation the only reasonable perception an outsider would have of these circumstances is the US has become pathologically unconscious of it’s exploitation.

There’s very little hope for a culture like this, and Obama proved this when he signed NDAA December 31, 2011. One of the first things that should have happened is people boycott the pen and paper manufacturer which conveyed this macabre event to legislation. They didn’t. They were too busy partying to notice he was busy on a treason project what sociopath legislation will in fact resource occult rendition well beyond what you can imagine being herded into a FEMA for your reeducation.


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