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Peacemaker, revolutionary, charismatic – These are themandela-sick-16x9
Character traits that defined Nelson Mandela in his press
to end South African apartheid. He was sustained by
sheer force of will during a 20 year prison sentence, the
model of Dumas’ Count of Monte Christo and as
dynamic and interesting as Hugo’s Les Misérables.  He
emerged from this hell one of the finest mediator minds
of the 2oth century.  This man is one of the great heroes of our day.

Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama How can these two men with so much in common be so different.  Both are bright, the former an indigenous to a culture at onetime to be displaced by occupation which had absolutely no regard for for South African humanity, the latter the manifestation of this in a first world country that’s being torn apart by the very same entity that attempted to destroy Mandela.  What is the chasm that makes two potentially brilliant minds so diametrically opposed to one another, the one a blessing to his homeland, and the other some kind of Satanic curse on US humanity what vehemence for constitutional protocol has lofted one of the most prolific campaigns in US history to have him removed from office, the only thing preventing this a fiat economic system that can print all the money he needs to buy his solvency with congress via special interests and their SSO pledges to the monarchy, what? Mandela can help us out with three letters PRC; we can do the rest via imagination, hence PRiCk


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