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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The American Revolution and Occult Civics

Magna Carta
15 June 1215


The American Revolution ended British control of North American simultaneously creating the United States. This conflict produced the US Constitution and eventually manifest in civil war, reconstruction and the building of our modern culture during the epoch of industrialization.

Paul Revere’s Ride, Lexington/Concord
19 April 1775

Declaration of Independence (Purpose Document)
4 July 1776

Valley Forge
Winter 1776

Articles of Confederation
Created 15 November 1777; Ratified 1 March 1781

Yorktown v Redcoats
19 October 1781

Constitution (By Laws)
Created‎ 17 ‎September 1787; Ratified‎ 21 ‎June 1788

Bill of Rights
15 December 1791


Currently, British leadership is alleging the constitution was an experiment. In reality,  US government is collapsing and will forfeit to a globalist agenda to reformulate this region as a part of a larger geographic area that encompasses Mexico, the US, and Canada, more commonly known as the North American Union (NAU). The reason this is happening is largely due to American insouciance, circumstances in which people have willed themselves to this loss.

Many people see this change coming in particular due to American insouciance and the dip shit posturing of people otherwise more concerned with a pop culture lifestyle than than sustaining the effort that got them this future in the first place. There’s a lot going on in the backdrop of US political infrastructure people have no clue how these affairs are staging degradation the purpose of which is out with the old constitution, and in with the New World Order.

Leadership is in the tank with these changes, the public asserting control no more a concern than what the exotic food they eat is made out of, who they fuck or what party folks are headed to on the weekend. The US is becoming cosmopolitan with about as much restraint on vice as cockroaches that nest under the sink in the kitchen. America today is nothing close to what it was during the revolution. Today’s culture and politics are cheapness and corruption, respectively, and Americans are “lovin it!


While reviewing the following list of civics issues, bear in mind the founder’s idea of a federal government was to do foreign policy in preservation of American society and it’s resources, Americans themselves at will to do whatever they desired within the framework of the Rule of law (ROLA). Today people are doing whatever they want and don’t even know what the Bill of Rights is let alone the constitution.

Meanwhile, globalist mechanisms having penetrated congress via secret societies and special interests are capitulating ROLA favorable to international government what control centers are the Vatican and City of London, Americans, by default, restoring government to that of a constitutional monarchy masquerading UN noble cause, the latter a double bind, the former a con, elected officials servicing the need for legislative radical activism in the absence of an alert public.

The fact is the Vatican owns the planet, the City of London it’s farm manager. People laugh at this unaware that DC is controlled and operated from Britain. Every member of the house and senate will deny this, albeit there are very few standing ground on the role of the federal government in setting foreign policy in a manner prescribed by the founders. There are plenty of stuffed shirts, and God only knows these are ripe for the picking by special interest posers whose real purpose is guiding the pen that writes legislation favorable to corporate, the public be damned.

The following is a list of vocabulary that will familiarize the reader with occult government, or more correctly statist leadership, what only interest of the legislature is self-aggrandizing status, the money they can accumulate selling off US constitution in bits and pieces of corporate owned legislation and perpetual person resources they were never entitled to.


Antonio Gramsci
14th, 16th and 17th Amendments
Cognitive Dissonance
Common Core
Coretta Scott King v Jowers
Council on Foreign Relations (includes B/TC)
Cultural Hegemony
Executive Order
False Flag
Federal Reserve System
George Soros
Genetically Modified Organisms
Gulf of Tonkin
Jekyll Island
MK Ultra
Muslim Brotherhood
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
New Silk Road Pipeline
Operation Mockingbird
Operation North Woods
Operation Paperclip
Pentagon Papers

Sabattai Zevi
Saul Alinsky
Sharia Law
Trans Pacific Partnership


Era of Shattered Illusions
Full Spectrum Dominance
Destabilization/Cognitive Infiltration