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The Occult Protocol

Machiavelli wrote the Occult protocol, and he named it The Prince. It was institutionalized in the US through the philosophical meandering of Leo Strauss through soft nihilism, and the paradox of lying superimposed upon the conscience of a promise is it’s mechanism for institutionalization as a model for modern politics, which is Neoism. It’s trash.

If you would like to see a working model of the anti-Christ, read The Prince. If you would like to see this philosophy melded with a dictatorship, study the British monarchy. If you would like to blow your mind trying to identify the subtleties of this satanic philosophy, go right ahead. No one source will put it together for you, for a reason. You aren’t supposed to be able to figure this out so you can be controlled, which is Machiavelli. Here’s the operating system for this perverse politics.

Your confused. Didn’t Obama say he was change America could believe in? He didn’t deliver, did he? So why are people still following his rhetoric? We know our own congress was involved in 9/11, yet we walk away from this too preoccupied with our lives to care. Why? Do you know 1800 people roasted above a building fire that was set off by a US military aircraft belly loaded with explosives? There are pictures of this, yet people are transfixed on the idea that we were attacked by terrorists: those alleged terrorists were our own government policing agencies. So how do they pull this off the public seemingly in a schizoid stupor and unable to either perceive reality or take action to protect themselves from harm in these circumstances?

Folks, you’ve been indoctrinated in Machiavelli’s occult protocol since birth, in competition with a very limited amount of information about your Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, and for the purpose of eventually repatriating you to the UK. That’s not so bad, except you are not aware that in giving up your Bill of Rights you will have no protection from a monarchy so vehemently invested in the occult that even suicide won’t save you from your fate. Your body is state property under these circumstances, alive or dead, which although this may seem too fantastic to be true, you are also programmed on a Harry Potter mentality ANAI. The plot is real, the circumstances are occult, and so is the fact that the US can now take you for rendition and human sacrifice at will and without so much as a whimper from your loved ones. No one cares. They can’t. There’s nothing they can do. This is life under a corporation controlled by the British monarchy, and you have consigned yourselves to this under the influence of the neopoliticians you have been electing to office the past 50 years, who by the way are rewarded for their part in your transformation. Give Obama another 4 years in office and he will be graduated to a Shriner grand wizard.

Machiavelli gave you the occult protocol, and Leo Strauss made is significant for modern politics. Here’s what it looks like in vignette.

There are four primary elements to the occult protocol: the double bind, demagoguery, identity politics and deadly sabotage. You are familiar with the double bind in politics. You aren’t familiar with how it works; you are often at the receiving end of it’s impact on your ability to think, which it is actually a hazing process. You know this is happening when you perceive a given politician to be lying, but you don’t correctly label this behavior. Instead, you walk away confused and encounter the multilayered politics of prejudice and militancy what outcome presses on your sensibilities and a desire for calm, and what you get instead is an assassination, Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Deepwater Horizon, Tucson, occult abductions or a Caylee Anthony, and your mind starts to fall asleep under the weight of it.

The SS flew a remote controlled military aircraft into the world trade center what attack on our own US citizens killed an estimated total 6 thousands victims. Only three women out of a population of 300 million individuals in the US pressed this to a confrontation with the Government that when they touched a nerve in DC they were shut out, permanently. On the other end of this spectrum, you have the narcissism of Casey Anthony, one out of 300 million, that killed her own daughter and walked away from this in court. The ratio of good to evil is 3:1, now what are you going to do about this?

You can’t sit back and say you don’t understand. Approximately 6 out of every 10 Americans can see the light of day, but they are doing nothing short of attending prayer vigils and lighting candles hoping they will be rescued, where .000001% are fighting back. This is the conscience of America: .000001%, which isn’t much, and with this very little effort you want Christ to coma and rescue you from circumstances that you have brought on your self nonetheless.

You are encountering a four point system designed to destroy your way of life with .000001% conscience. YOU AREN’T EVEN AWAKE in these circumstances, and her’s why.

When you allow yourself to be seduced by paradox you default control of your mind to others. Once embedded in your imagination these individuals can manipulate you through prejudice and identity politics. Horrification through deadly sabotage will fully mystify and put your mind to sleep. That’s it, and this is the politics that you are surrounded with daily to this end. You have stopped thinking, and as a consequence you will forfeit your life to the highest corporate bidder who regards your population statistics like a herd of cattle, enter deadly sabotage event after deadly sabotage event embedded with legislation directed at occult rendition. You get the picture. so who are the preps? How is this happening?

rev. 6/6/12;

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