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Team Obama Responds to the Eligibility Issue


Abide By Our Constitution

The following letter was e-mailed from Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) on August 30, 2012 to the White House Legislative Affairs office, and also mailed in hard copy to the White House.

Dear Mr. President:

This letter is written to you out of grave concern that you will once again lead our nation into war without authorization from the Congress. As tensions and rhetoric rise in Syria and Iran, the power to declare war remains vested in the Congress. No resolution from the United Nations or NATO can supersede the power carefully entrusted with the representatives of the American people.

Whether it is Korea, Yugoslavia, or Libya, presidents have continually disregarded the Constitution and sent Americans to war without congressional authorization. In order to prevent further encroachment of executive power, I have introduced House Concurrent Resolution 107. My Resolution states:

“except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”

The above simply restates the Constitution. Our founding fathers had the unique perspective of living subject to the wars of choice waged by a King. As James Madison wrote, allowing the President alone to take the country into war would be “too much of a temptation for one man.”

Outside of an actual or imminent attack on America, the only precursor to war can be the authorization of Congress. I call on you to abide by our Constitution, and rely on our country’s representatives to decide when war is necessary. There is no greater responsibility than to send our sons and daughters to war. That responsibility remains with the United States Congress.


Walter B. Jones

Member of Congress

September 25, 2012

Obama: U.S. Will Do ‘What We Must’ To Block Iran Nukes

Alex Jones Half Tells the Truth, Half Lies, and This SME Wants to Start a Revolution?

If a half truth is a lie, and half a lie is a lie, then a half truth and a half lie are a lie. Sounds Convoluted, doesn’t it? With an income of over $250K per year, why have to do this?

… Hahaha! Keeps the money flowing in from a largely gullible audience. Remember Jim Baker? Well alright then! Let’s do this.

Recent Article

Obama to Swear In for Second Term in Secret

The two versions of the Oath of Office are different, but Alex Jones doesn’t tell you this.

One thing missing in public argument regarding Obama’s fraud presidency is that DC seceded from the U.S. in 1916 and is a foreign country deeded to the IMF.

The Constitution does not apply to them and especially the Oath of office. Our court system is set up for Admiralty Law, not Common or God’s Law, and this is the source of much of congressional malingering involving neopolitics, which is actually a single party parliamentary system principled on the constitutional monarchy of the UK.

We’re losing the middle class in this scheme, by the way, which before long a Tory infrastructure will emerge to further repatriate the US the UK.

Jones role? Globalist gatekeeper handsomely rewarded with a HUGE income. Is this monster selling you out? YOU BET HE IS, but because you’re willing to be sold out.

American are addicted to debauchery. Jones is a predator and sees an opportunity to grab a buck: yours! Oops! Bullhorn in your face. Hand in your pocket. It’s all good, because the excitement makes you ha ha ha-pee!



The DCBR has been derailed by occult government principled on repatriation. Complexity aside, the mechanism for this transformation is elected officials whose primary interest has been the UK/Corporate rewards offered to them to proxy their signature to legislation which circumvents the Bill of Rights and Constitution in the interest of repatriation.  In other words, our elected officials have sold us out.

While people may have an opinion about how this happened and what aught to be done to correct it, it’s come down to a few constants that if the public does not soon recognize these they are going to be revisited by occupation that was largely held off by a comparatively small group of people whose determination was mammoth in comparison to today’s slacker breed.

The founders warned us about the NSC, just at that time it was known as the Vatican. The Vatican is a corporation, and it’s equivalent in the US is the Mormon church. It manifest fragmented (Mountain Meadows, Civil War, 13th Amendment, Atramental Lodge 23, Fed, CFR ANAI) but has accomplished the same purpose, which is occupation and control of US domestic and economic infrastructures AKA repatriation via corporatism. This is also a black mass entity, but more on that later.

People ask me, “How do you know this? What are your sources?” I have a library of sources. There is NO WAY to transfer this information in a mind meld, so it is immature for people to expect to have this proved to them on the spot. Come what may, what you need to know is virtually very European inspired domestic enterprise has issued on the Cult of Castores, including the Bible. People don’t like to hear this. I am going to say it again, INCLUDING THE B-I-B-L-E.

Rome’s emperors transformed Vatican, which means the Pope is the equivalent of a Roman emperor, just his status is preserved in a religious narrative instead of public policy, otherwise people would have ended this charade 1700 years ago. Rome learned to use mystification in lieu of policy to cause people to focus monotheistic. The monarchy is modeled on the Roman emperor as well in competition with the Vatican. The Church of England seceded form the Vatican 1530, about the same time the Freemasons organized. The Mormon church is a monarchy project and controls transnational gangs in Mexico and Central America.

I’ll try to Keep it simple. Virtually every insurgency campaign in the Middle East has been a Mormon/CIA led project collaborated with MI6 and Mossad, and the very same model has likewise been used to stage disruption in the US via transnationals who made their first appearance in the US crossing our southern borders in 2004. They’ve been armed by Arnold Schwarzenegger during his tenure as governor of California, and US administration has co-engineered their access to the southern states posturing diffident to border security. The idea here is while our gun rights are being severely curtailed, transnationals have been armed to the hilt, the US thus a sitting duck to an insurgency from the south which the White House is denying knowledge of.

Where do you draw the line? In case you haven’t noticed, the MSM has amped up it’s press to flood the internet with images of partially nude women to keep you preoccupied with sex bait, one of the UK’s three primary distractions of Western culture. The other two are money and drugs. this is the same stuff that’s bought off politicians, and it’s equally effective on their electorate. The apple and tree, as it were.

Regarding the Vatican, Catholics believe this emperor cum pope devil is God, and they worship him thus! Everything you know and believe about Christianity was invented by the council of Nicaea 325 AD. EVERYTHING, but you don’t believe this. You can’t believe it, even as they fade the bible from you, because you were taught that to challenge this was somehow sacrilegious and that you would be otherwise in league with Lucifer. Lucifer, too, is one of their creations. Gemini. God/Lucifer. Jesus/Judas. Fast forward to the Mormon church. Joseph Smith/Brigham Young. ALL FUCKING GEMINI. All a product of the cult of Castores.

Armageddon is a population thinning application. The reality here is we’re in over production and need to hold this off a little. They taught you that reproduction is your God given right. It’s the Council’s application of an NWO scheme of it’s day, the product of which is this future. They don’t like this future, so they are taking it back. They gave you your God, and they are taking THAT back, too. Get it? Make you mad? I’ve had people threaten to shoot me over this conversation. Dr. Kate STILL thinks I’m evil. My UK contacts distance themselves from me, but they otherwise have no explanation for Milly Dowler. I do. Jose Manual Boroso. Everyone in the UK knows this, and yet this monster is running loose Willy nilly taking virtually ANY child he takes a liking to.

People are all over the map with this issue, none coming to focus except on Nullification, States Rights and Secession, which is logical. Those are powerful constants, because they unify people, but they are no match for NORAD or NATO; the main ingredient missing from the recipe for restoration of the DCBR is a well regulated militia.

YOU DON’T HAVE A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, AMERICA, AND THE REASON FOR THIS IS YOU WERE CONNED OUT OF IT BY THE NRA IN CONNECTION WITH POSSE COMITATUS. These were engineered to diffuse militia. I know, complicated, but you are going to have to develop a desire to think and study more to understand this and how to make the DCBR work in the absence of legislative leadership, because congress is operating on a completely different system at this time.

Obama has no limitations. This is his second term, so there’s no pressure to caricature himself anything other then what he was four years ago, which is a petty tyrant. He knows this. This is his job. He’s doing what tyrants do, and he’s acknowledged this to the public that reelected him.

Our Transformation Thus

This is one of the sickest images ever published of the US.

There are a couple of messages in this picture. The first one is a stealth flight predator of the occult which is enjoying a bloodbath.

The other is the destruction of the Phoenix, both from Egyptian mythology, and neither one representative of the founders ideology principled on the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Where are you at, America? Eating out? Sleeping with your neighbors domestic partner? Partying? Drunk? What? Not happening you yet? Don’t believe it will? Doesn’t make sense?

The NSC, in collaboration with the MSM, just presented you with an image of your future, and when it DOES make sense you’ll be too far gone for a Band Aide.

Pretty colors though, eh?


Okay, America. You love it, but notice the three colors in this image: red, white and blue. Colors we have come to associate with American tradition; WHAT tradition?

Notice that there’s ANOTHER flag with these colors, the Union Jack. It looks like this:

… Sort of!

On the surface, this flag is harmless enough looking. On the other hand, touch it and what’s wrapped tightly beneath it will set you on fire. I know. You don’t believe me.

The colors – red, white and blue – are dedicated to occult organizations identified with the numbers 8, 13 and 3. Don’t ask me to explain, please. If you don’t already understand this and are over 30 you’ll never get it.

Notice the background in the highly stylized image of the US is White, or 8. Blue represents the bird (leap year equinox/solstice), or 6. Red= 7. I know this stuff. I have a Ph.D. in British Bullshit. I know what I am talking about here.

7 (Masons) is bloodshed, and 678 as it were= Leda and death of conscience. I know what you are thinking: LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, and you are eager as hell to let me know YOUR narcissist opinion about this image, too.

This image is an application of raptor hunting which at one time was prevalent in the Middle East, hence a connection to Islam: however, it’s use in THIS context is another type of bird once competitive with Islam cum a transformation that we regard today with midnight candlelight prayer vigils, Molon Labe and RIDE YOUR HARLEIES TO DC! Well, ride away!

THIS bird (image) is a gay bird, and it’s application in Druid mysticism is the destruction of females, hence this organization’s high regard for virtually ANY behavior which attacks same, including Planned Parenthood and the modern manifestation of Whitechapel which is Atramental Lodge 23 AKA the LDS and their stateside SKIRTS black mass activities.

Since we have Leda featured in this graphic, and Leda= death of character, death= 1 (SOEN cipher), hence 13! 678= 3 (see paragraph three stanzas above for clue).

13 AND 711 is the Cult of Castores, a particularly virulent SSO which is responsible for the Inquisition, to name just one of it’s many projects down through the ages. Colonial america is identified with 13. Inquisition? Native Americans! WWII was likewise one of this organizations more notable enterprises that nearly got it (Castores) wiped off the planet. No one’s perfect, eh? Thank you Churchill for your contribution to the future of world conquest via disinformation that motivated Japan to attack Pearl Harbor thus pulling the US into the war, AND for the peace sign, which is actually a symbol for the inverted pentagram.

What these organizations have in common is they practice ritual human sacrifice, even in the US, their members pledged in perpetuity to occult government under threat of death for their redaction.  Impossible, isn’t it?

Our own flag has a message embedded in it that if you pay attention to this you will automatically know what to do to SYG against the corporate driven Zionist/globalist movement which is choking off liberty and freedom. Right? NOT correct!


You have to magnify your effort for every one of these, and you are likewise supported by as many that are present IF you’ve elected officials solvent with the DCBR. Ah ha! You forgot to vote, or you voted for a cult of personality! NOW you have to recall those who are not, and their legislative record is the ONLY proof of this. No constitutional character, but no one knew this before they were elected, because America is gullible, poorly informed and insouciant to a fault.

In realty, the energy for this comes naturally if you don’t do a denial trip on yourself. Keep it real, and you keep it American, or you can do the Dirty Harry Reid SKIRTS black mass murder thing and and look forward to your own planet in hell. Notwithstanding, this is why you need to assert the DCBR. Assert the DCBR? Harry Reid is a Tory as are most of the Mormon elite and SSO/Zionist pledged neopoliticians in congress. ASSERT THE FUCKING DCBR!

Were these little stars upside down you would rely on your impression largely motivated by debauchery which would be a redirect to occult government. In fact this is what they have managed to do, you in the wings chasing tail having been baited by charm offense and struck in the back of the head by the double bind.

The idea is while it’s okay to enjoy the health, it’s not okay to exploit it, which occult government does not understand this typical of radical institutions. In fact they practice exploitation in development of the state of mind that preys on the herd.  These models are bait. YOU are the herd!

UK inspired SSOs recruit via unchecked access to drugs, money and sex, the antithesis of the culture that was introduced to the US via the founders. Our own society, principled on Protestantism, is one of reduction of aggression, taught restraint and avoidance of, but not shyness from, war.

The emphasis was on self-protection, not conquest, which having been subordinated to the latter via the NSC we’ve lost our moral compass to a snake brained entity that’s given you immediate gratification via fast food, fuck crazy self image and abortion, and institutionalized narcissism  via degenerate entertainment in exchange for your soul. LOL Kewl OMG LMAO! <Problem here.

Too complicated? Grab a close up of the right hand of the model wearing the Union Jack. RIGHT HAND.

Still not convinced? You may be retarded.


Tut beget Judaism, Christianity and Islam which beget Palingenetic ultranationalism which beget Nationalist Socialism what BDSM meld with corporatism and Druid mysticism produced the NSC which is the modern day manifestation of progressivism, proliferation of UK inspired SSOs and single party parliamentary entity, NEO FUCKING POLITICS. And this is nothing more than a mushroom culture.

Sounds perverted, doesn’t it? Could it get much worse? Would it matter if you know that the majority of politicians in congress are debauchery pledged to the UK to proxy legislation directed at our repatriation? This is the reason they are signing legislation that is circumventing the Constitution and Bill of Rights seemingly oblivious to public outrage. Couldn’t change their minds if they grew a conscience, because this pledge is in perpetuity under threat of death for redaction, which is why you can’t beat neopolitics. They lie ’till they die.  Under these circumstances, how is it that Obama or Romney either one hold the interest of the public?  Marketing, but this is a topic for another discussion.

In the meanwhile, did you know there is a group that could stop this but won’t, because they are protective of their investments and lifetime income benefits working pledged to anti-government organization Atramental Lodge 23, which is the negative core of the state department. Congress that pledges atramental pledges to the CIA which is controlled by Quatuor Coronati in the UK.

Do you know who the CIA is? It’s the Mormon church, a phony Christian/Islam meld principled on the Art of War (to militarize the US for the UK) that is Britain’s first and ultimate repatriation project for the US, and now the world. The NWO is an Islamic featured movement what conquest agenda is closely aligned with Islam’s own conquest of the the Middle east and parts of Europe, and the only thing standing between this movement and the US is the Constitution, Bill of Rights and people willing to assert their rights against neopolitics.

Know what Americans are doing to promote this? Fast food, Hollywood and entertainment and diffidence in issues involving the need for reason. American are trading their morality for debauchery. They avoid ethics issues in favor of soccer, football and an endless stream of over-stimulation completely under the control of the mushroom culture which gave us Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

Feel attacked? That’s because you’re blissfully ignorant, and I just bumped you out of your comfort zone with acculturation to a society programmed on the drug culture. That’s correct. Drugs. Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Alice in Wonderland, too! You’re adapted to and hold values which were largely created by the imagination of individuals who are addicted to the use of mushrooms to get high and subsequently engineered a culture largely guided by a fantasy.  No?  The Vatican.

Want to fight this? Become familiar with the Constitution, learn the Bill of rights and stand your ground. Or, capitulate. You’ll be capitulating to the mushroom culture that rules and controls all others, including the drug cartels in Mexico, that armed Venezuela for a war with the US (Schwarzenegger and our own weapons by the) and which is the source of domestic false flag terrorism throughout the world, the Mormon church.

Want to know more? The Baptist church was created to penetrate the protestant reformation. It was a monarchy/Amsterdam project the same way the LDS was created to penetrate fundamentalism in the US with the caveat that the Mormon church was also empowered to perform occult rendition (Druid) to resource ritual human sacrifice which it has magnified with anti terrorism legislation 1974 through 2011.  Carter knew about this and only intimated about it.

The Nazarenes have come up in the US attracting a large number of militant minded individuals who can be cultivated and armed for a US insurgency.  This is the way they created Al Quaeda, just in the US they give it a protestant identity to make it familiar to the local culture.  They train and resource sociopaths compatible with occult rendition and the debauchery pledge and move on. It’s that easy.   In other words, church leadership in these organizations take their orders from abroad in keeping with repatriation mitigated by debauchery.  Yes, I am talking about your pastor.

Are you comfortable with this? If you get a pay check knowing what is happening to your fellow man and do nothing to stop this you’ve been paid for a service which they owe you nothing beyond this. This is why you’ll end up like the rest of us in the end. They owe you nothing. It was a business deal. They own you like they think they own the rest of us, and you’ll line up just like everyone else when they activated FEMA. And what will you do? Stand there mouth a gap uttering your confused state of mind in the vernacular of your then defunct instant messaging scheme, OMG!


Inspiration of this type is rare in the US. I read a transcript of Staat’s Facebook post and agree completely with his thesis, so I used it as a model for the subsequent narrative. Thanks Brad!

Tennessee has a rubust legislature. Ours is perverted, and many people in California are thus in the dark on their Second Amendment rights. Those who care enough to think about it are in competition with that crazy crowd commonly referred to as the little EU. Certainly, there are many others who do nonetheless cling to their religion and guns as Mr. Obama is aware.

Well, I too am clinging! Here’s a picture of something that I don’t have with me, because Jerry Brown has issued “progressive” legislation that prevents it, albeit this policy does not prevent him from issuing a contract in which a gun like this one will be used to murder by virtue of privilege of the elite.

Obama is undoubtedly familiar with California where many of us who are awake – and like the good citizens of Tennessee – appreciate our 2nd Amendment rights and the Constitution that was wisely given to us by the founders.

re Illuminati: Origins of Secret Government

The Illuminati was a Cathars resurgence, and it’s been met with the same standard of inquisition that routed the former and so diminished it’s numbers they are barely a blip on the historical time line in the development of European meta politics.

This organization has been a HUGE threat to European leadership for the simple reason that it opposed the satanic ritual practices of the Vatican and it’s myriad SSOs throughout Europe, including but not limited to, the Jesuits.

Likewise, Illuminati represented a major threat to the Baptist church as well, the latter an entirely new breed of satanic organization engineered in collaboration with Amsterdam to attempt to seed itself in the protestant reformation much as the Mormon church was engineered to infiltrate US domestic infrastructure for the same purpose.  Weishaupt’s organization naturally exposes these entities as frauds, because they are.

The Illuminati remain competitive with the Masons for the simple reason that Weishaupt rejected human sacrifice outright.  This was an enlightenment movement, Illuminati acknowledged Council of Nicaea corruption involved in fabrication the Bible and confirmed Egyptian invocation in traditional biblical teaching albeit it was this organization’s attempt to share this information with the general public that was then – and still is – by and large considered sacred by Masonic organisations, particularly the Mormon church.

The reason for this extreme Cathar/Illuminati prejudice is were people to understand reality behind the bible they would abandon it immediately as a fraud making it difficult to acculturate them to Druid mysticism, which is the origin of Vatican theology.  The Vatican and it’s Masonic subordinates, including the Baptist and Mormon churches, are human sacrifice entities what biblical principles teach this macabre art for entertainment on a political agenda more commonly known to popular SSOs as Amen-Ra Toth.  It’s modern identity is Neopolitics; neopoliticians, both neocon and neoliberal, are Amen-Ra Toth practitioners.

The Illuminati is NOT the enemy of man but rather an early presentation of what man can become, which is why this organization gave you the 2nd amendment.  The founders were Illuminated Masons.  They operated in secrecy in the Colonies to avoid detection by the monarchy.  This doesn’t men they were evil.  To the contrary, they were NOT evil but smart to avoid coming under scrutiny before they could accomplish their secession project, which of course they pulled off quite well.

Contrary to GCN disinformation, Illuminati are principled on the enlightenment.  This is NOT a satanic organization, and intelligent people will learn this by spending some time researching this organization via authentic classical resources where reality will lay waste to marketing schemes engineered to discredit Weishaupt.

There are four videos and one Wiki page link here to whet your interest in learning more about the Illuminati.  This is an introduction to the history of this organization and not meant to close argument on the SSO culture but rather to awaken you to certain competitive forces among these, the Illuminati constantly under siege and falsely represented as satanic for the simple reason that it created the constitutional republic principled on a liberty and freedom platform under which you live today.  This is the very same same government neopoliticians are attempting to relieve you of.  And they may yet do this if you do not learn to recognize and rout grifter politicians from congress.

For the record, and you will learn this as you study more objective sources about this organization, negative attribution in this case is due to agenda driven marketing which promotes intentional lack of correct information to aggrandize the pop culture view about this organization which motivates you to buy products.  The monarchy remains fearful of the Illuminati for the simple reason that were you to realize your birthright you would have no problem asserting the Constitution and Bill of Rights against Amen-Ra Toth/Neopolitics.

Prison Planet has a natural interest in maintaining negative attribution on the Illuminati for a very simple reason.  What Aaron Dykes is failing to tell you is neo Illuminati, his negative core cabal being promoted as a Satanist entity, is not Weishaupt but a gnostic organization promoted by the Vatican in collaboration with the Mormon church and Atramental Lodge 23 (1888) in the US… and GNC is a part of it!

This will open your eyes.


The Amen-Ra Toth of Vaccinations

Looking over this article (Bombshell: 18.., Rappoport) was worth the time, albeit I realize also there was an inappropriate image of a young woman marketing embed baiting eye and imagination to a scantly clad 15 year old, or so it would appear.  Oh wait a minute… 18!  I knew the title was somehow involved in this.

I know there are legal requirements for such image making, and Alex Jones pushing the window such as he does astroturfing a naive albeit willing audience, THIS one is pushing the envelope, but at least this individual was placed on the correct side of the page, for a while anyway.

Making short work of a dreadfully imaginatively marketed invocation to exploit the artwork, which this is what Prison Planet is all about in the first place, the article was, in fact, spot on regarding CDC influenza promotionals.

In a nutshell, the Amen-Ra Toth of alleged pandemic flu is:


AMEN> philanthrophy> vaccinations

RA> sacrifice> death from vaccinations

TOTH> propaganda> hoodwinking the public into believing the vaccination worked anyway!

I want to add the following for clarification,  forgive me, Alex, you know better:


AMEN> philanthrophy> advertisement promising benefit

RA> sacrifice> unrealized loss of dignity via exploitation

TOTH> propaganda> hoodwinking the public via Crowley-esque marketing, because… pedophilia baits customers!

If the author is interested in discussing CDC fraud, why the visual embed to provoke arousal?  There’s a conscience disconnect in the advertising scheme, which is typical of neopolitics, and which made this particular article/ad combination incorrect, in my opinion.

Worth viewing re pedophilia, Hollywood and Alex Jones entertainment connections.

Nothing stops this population, and they bait YOU to these activities with marketing and entertainment.  go back and have a look at Bombshell 8.  This is what they do.  Grifter tech.  Enjoy your re-education!