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The Road to WW III


Michael Moore Debauchery


The Newtown Emergency Tactical Response Team, NOT!

newtownThese buggers are embarrassing, but here they come anyway!  Gonna take down the bad guy – an autistic young man got his hand on a gun – because they’re trained, authorized and mobilized ANAI. Well…

Three columns, lined up short to tall, and absolutely no clue what going on at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  What were they going to do?  Good God, half of them look like they spend their day eating McDonald’s Hap-pee meals.  Gonna waddle up and round up the bad guy, something like that.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

$100K in personnel, $50K in tactical resources and news and a day’s loss of operating costs to the district estimated at $50K and a bunch of highly specialized weapons experts armed to the hilt looking completely bewildered – AFTER the fact – proves gun control doesn’t work; all neatly groomed, boot polished, badge buttoned and bulletproof vested, and too late!  And worse still, people are already asking for more gun control. It didn’t work here. Why magnify this macabre? 

Easily $200K to staff a response team, and Newtown STILL lost 20 children with these self admiring narcissists in the wings wrinkle free proud and ready to serve up propaganda’s need to make it APPEAR as though posturing cop is state of art something if being one is meaningless.

The OTHER way this could have worked is if the teacher had been armed.  The difference in costs alone would have been a savings of at least $175K, and the children would still be alive.  Gun control set this school up for slaughter.  These sociopaths aren’t helping out.  They’re celebrating… THEMSELVES!

By the time this is over, all totaled this event will have cost taxpayers well over 20 million dollars to close book on an issue that could have been averted with a $500 hand gun.

The OTHER way to interpret this is denial of reality, shed a fake tear and pretend this wasn’t false flag domestic terrorism.  Reality falls flat on it’s face.  Charisma and charm picks it up and runs with it, and America holds a candlelight prayer vigil asking for help from Jesus who the Pope just denied ever existed. People have been taught it’s wrong to save yourself, that gun control works, even when it’s just been proven to you that it not only doesn’t work, it celebrates this delusional state of mind by slaughtering children.

What is your problem, America?  Big liberal sophists like Piers Morgan and Michael Moore got a line on your heart, or your gullibility?  You like the boyish fat guy because you feel sorry for him?  Piers Morgan’s satanic drivel got you charmed into eating your own children?  Answer to the latter two questions is yes.  Do you care?  Not enough to think for yourself, yet. You have O-blam-blam-blama to do that for you, and he’s sooo nice! He’s pricy nice. He just took your children and you’re flocking to him for protection, which is what I call P3M insanity and madness.

The good people of Newtown are stupid, albeit blissfully so.  They had gun control and lost 20 children, and now they’re going to go out and ask for more gun control.  It doesn’t get any easier then this for the liberals who have stated vehemently that the Bill of Rights is a terrorist manifesto. According to who? People that can’t control themselves. I today’s America you’re “troubled” if you’re a predator and completely psychotic if the try to defend yourself against same, IF you’re a liberal.

In this case, failure to correctly understand the problem is trading willful pathological ignorance for the lives of children, consciousless behavior deeply embedded in the psyche of a generation lost to the debauchery of self-aggrandizement and institution of occult rendition acculturated via false flag domestic terrorism.

Has it dawned on anyone yet that people that want your guns may want to kill you? Yes? No? Maybe? Another candlelight prayer vigil? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?


Peacemaker, revolutionary, charismatic – These are themandela-sick-16x9
Character traits that defined Nelson Mandela in his press
to end South African apartheid. He was sustained by
sheer force of will during a 20 year prison sentence, the
model of Dumas’ Count of Monte Christo and as
dynamic and interesting as Hugo’s Les Misérables.  He
emerged from this hell one of the finest mediator minds
of the 2oth century.  This man is one of the great heroes of our day.

Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama How can these two men with so much in common be so different.  Both are bright, the former an indigenous to a culture at onetime to be displaced by occupation which had absolutely no regard for for South African humanity, the latter the manifestation of this in a first world country that’s being torn apart by the very same entity that attempted to destroy Mandela.  What is the chasm that makes two potentially brilliant minds so diametrically opposed to one another, the one a blessing to his homeland, and the other some kind of Satanic curse on US humanity what vehemence for constitutional protocol has lofted one of the most prolific campaigns in US history to have him removed from office, the only thing preventing this a fiat economic system that can print all the money he needs to buy his solvency with congress via special interests and their SSO pledges to the monarchy, what? Mandela can help us out with three letters PRC; we can do the rest via imagination, hence PRiCk



Comet Hallelujah


Ron Paul Farewell Speech

If I Were The Devil

Impeach Obamaphone!

States are reaching unemployment rates of up to 22%. Obama is outsourcing jobs and giving away free cell phone service to the homeless in New York and California. People who voted for Obama are facing a reduction in hours to compensate Healthcare Reform’s impact on their employer’s fiscal budgets, and 1 million people fell to poverty in November 2012.

Obama is starting wars without congressional approval, circumventing DCBR protocol on domestic and economic issues what administrative fiat is collapsing same, and he’s been proven a fraud in documentation of his eligibility to serve as president.

What is it that people DO NOT understand about this administrator that they are unwilling to pour everything they have into his impeachment? When you have this type of crime and people holding midnight prayer vigils for their salvation the only reasonable perception an outsider would have of these circumstances is the US has become pathologically unconscious of it’s exploitation.

There’s very little hope for a culture like this, and Obama proved this when he signed NDAA December 31, 2011. One of the first things that should have happened is people boycott the pen and paper manufacturer which conveyed this macabre event to legislation. They didn’t. They were too busy partying to notice he was busy on a treason project what sociopath legislation will in fact resource occult rendition well beyond what you can imagine being herded into a FEMA for your reeducation.

Alex Jones “Truth” v Starman Reality